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Vision Statement
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Vision Statement
Costs of Service

The vision of General Counsel (GC) is to be the premier value-added partner to small and medium businesses in Southern California for outsourcing the general counsel function.

GC was created to provide an alternative to two current truths of the legal industry.  The first truth is that so long as law firms charge clients based on the almighty billable hour, lawyers and business owners will have opposite interests, since the attorney makes money by drawing out matters for as long as possible to keep billing, whereas the business owner wants the quickest resolution possible to maximize efficiencies.  The second truth is that, although they have a need for general counsel legal advice to be proactive instead of reactive, small and medium businesses can neither afford a full-time general counsel, nor do they need that much legal help.

Addressing these two truths, GC’s business model is in turn based on three core concepts:

1. Long term client relationships to outsource the general counsel function;

2. Monthly flat fee payments (in other words - no billable hours) in exchange for unlimited access as to "internal" legal issues (defined as those where there is no need to communicate with any third parties outside of the client); and

3. Reduced hourly billable rates for "external" legal issues (defined as those where there is a need to communicate with third parties outside of the client) which rates are discounted over time so the attorney’s interest mirrors the client’s interest in achieving a resolution as quickly as possible.

This model allows the clients to focus on their own core competencies and delegate the ancillary work - such as legal issues - to a specialized provider.  Essentially, clients will be able to purchase the equivalent of a "time share" in an attorney to serve as their general counsel.  In this manner, clients will be able to have access to just the right amount of legal help - as much or as little as they need - without having to watch the clock or worry about billable time.  The benefit of this to clients is that it allows them access to legal counsel in a proactive way to avoid problems before they occur and thus have a lower net expenditure of legal fees as well as much needed "sleep insurance."