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Getting in the way of "getting to yes" is probably the number one reason why business owners can't stand lawyers. At GC, we pride ourselves on being as savvy to the business angles as we are to the legal ones.

Our job is not to bring you problems, but to bring you solutions. We won't tell you why you can't do a deal; we'll tell you what you'll have to do to get the deal done.

Do a deal

Besides the usual run-of-the-mill standard contracts, GC has additional expertise in handling specialized contracts such as trade secrets and software licensing, sales and distribution contracts, non-disclosure agreements, purchase and sale agreements and lease options. GC can not only create any contract your business may need, but it can also analyze contracts proposed by your business partners and negotiate all the terms and conditions.

Business owner’s attention, while keeping the goal

GC's job is to look for the incidentals that may escape the business owner's attention, while keeping the goal of the contract firmly in mind. Who assumes the risk of shipping? How are disputes handled? What prevents the other side from backing out of the deal? What constitutes adequate performance? These and many more are the questions GC asks when performing contract review or when drafting a new agreement. The end result of this detail-oriented approach is still getting to yes, but with a better deal for GC's clients.

Case in focus:

Company was either sued or had deals terminate over disputes as to what was promised to Customers by salespeople. GC revised Company's standard contracts to remove this variable as admissible evidence for a dispute, resulting in zero future lawsuits or lost deals since.

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